Soil Conservationist @ USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Soil Conservationist



This position is located in the State Conservationist office, assigned to a field office or area office in the assigned state, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), US Department of Agriculture. This position provides assistance in the development, planning, contracting and application of land conservation practices and programs consistent with NRCS policy and procedures.

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  • Works with farmers and other landowners to develop conventional conservation plans addressing resource concerns; provides information concerning Farm Bill and State Conservation Programs; and develops conservation contracts.
  • Understands all applicable NRCS and Farm Bill programs available to address resources concerns and explains cost-share programs and payment procedures to applicants and contract holders.
  • Conducts regular follow-up on all scheduled practices assigned; develops operation and maintenance agreements for all structural practices planned and contracted.
  • Performs annual contract reviews on all assigned contracts to ensure contract schedules are followed and that practices are being maintained according to NRCS standards and specifications.
  • Recommends practices to farmers and ranchers which help control erosion and conserve soil and water.
  • Fully utilizes computer and web-based programs in the documentation and management of conservation plans and technical assistance by the service center.


Chama, NM, USA




2020-06-29 00:00