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Administrator - Sustainability


Position Summary

This position is open to current City of Indianapolis & Marion County employees only.

Position is responsible for overseeing all of the critical operational functions in the Office of Sustainability, including planning, organizing and coordinating the activities of the City in various areas related to sustainability and enhancement of the environment in close coordination with City agencies, the Indianapolis Green Commission, other partners, and Indianapolis residents.

Position Responsibilities

Ensures the management and implementation of a variety of programs.

Provides appropriate communications and promotes employee understanding of programs, policies, and objectives.

Engages in the typical responsibilities of a manager requiring planning, evaluating, organizing, integrating, and controlling.

May also have supervisory responsibility involving staffing, conducting performance appraisals, training and developing team members, promotions, salary increases, terminations, disciplinary actions, etc.

Works to develop a City Sustainability Action Plan with the involvement and support of a multi-disciplinary City team representing multiple City departments.

Provides clear strategy and implementation plans with an emphasis on data collection/analysis and performance measurement for tracking progress.

Researches and maintains working knowledge of best practices at municipalities with regards to sustainability.

Identifies and secures funding opportunities to enable implementation of the City Action Plan.

Identifies, prepares and submits applications for government and non- government grants, including the new $10 Billion federal Energy and Environment Block Grant.

Assists with grant administration and reporting as needed.

Sets up a non-profit Foundation to support Plan implementation, and identify and foster community partners to support City sustainability efforts.

Guides strategic implementation of the City Action Plan.

Works with various City departments to define and implement specific projects and program activities that promote improvement of the environment and/or enhance sustainability.

Identifies costs and benefits of individual projects and initiatives; including pay-back times, environmental benefits, life-cycle costs etc.

Acts as project manager or assist other departments' project managers as appropriate.

Prepares reports and written analyses for review by City departments.

Tracks and reports progress toward program goals.

Works closely with public relations staff to communicate the City's sustainability goals and accomplishments - including the possible reorganization and/or restatement of the GreenPrint Initiative to best reflect Mayoral priorities.

Coordinates and/or participates in a wide variety of public relations activities, including the production of a website, brochures, newsletters and other promotional materials, and responding to inquiries.

Serves as primary staff liaison to the Indianapolis Green Commission.

Guides and assists the Commission in developing a robust community action plan with measurable goals and benchmarks, and a detailed and realistic implementation plan.

Guides and assists the Commission in identifying human and financial resources to drive implementation of the Community Action Plan.

Coordinates with businesses in the community and other public agencies involved in sustainability programs to explore program synergies and partnership opportunities.

Reports progress on City Action Plan to Commission members for oversight, technical input, and strategic coordination with community efforts.

Works with Commission to communicate issues to City departments and City Council.

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.


This position is open to current City of Indianapolis & Marion County employees only.

Master's degree in environmental management, urban planning, or a closely related field, or Bachelor's degree plus five (5) to seven (7) years of related, progressive experience, including one (1) to three (3) years of supervisory experience. Advanced knowledge and progressively responsible work involving policy analysis, environmental planning, and project management. Demonstrated ability to lead work groups and manage complex, interdisciplinary projects and partnerships across organizational lines. Ability to effectively lead, coordinate, guide, assist and monitor staff in research and analysis processes, thereby ensuring the successful completion of assigned work projects. Ability to perform and lead analytical techniques used in policy analysis at the metropolitan level. Knowledge of and experience in standard office practices and appropriate computer software. Ability to multitask and meet deadlines. Ability to communicate effectively through the following means: oral, writing, summary tables and graphs, photographs, graphics, databases. Knowledgeable in human relations and skilled in persuasion methods and techniques from a staff support perspective. Ability to develop and conduct effective presentations. Experience speaking in public and managing public meetings. . Ability to work with governmental employees at the policy, administrative, technical, and support levels. Also works with representatives of other governmental agencies, businesses and institutions, and with the general public. Must follow all policies and guidelines of the City and DPW and ensures highest ethical standards are met. Ability to lead staff of other divisions or departments for specific projects.

Independent Judgment

Helps to establish and/or ensure policies and procedures for the Division are adhered to in an effective manner. Independent judgement is regularly utilized when there are no available policies and procedures and errors in judgment may cause inconsistencies and inconveniences.


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