Climate and Energy Program Attorney @ WildEarth Guardians

Climate and Energy Program Attorney


WildEarth Guardians is hiring a full-time Climate and Energy Program Attorney to help us in our American West-wide efforts to safeguard our planet and advance climate justice. Click here for more background and information on how to apply >>

The Attorney will direct targeted legal, administrative, and other advocacy strategies primarily focused in New Mexico, where there is tremendous opportunity to help the state transition from fossil fuels and in doing so, confront fracking in the largest oil producing region in the world. The Attorney will work to help the state of New Mexico justly and equitably transition from fracking and help shift the entire U.S. away from extracting fossil fuels on public lands.

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How to Apply

Submit résumé and cover letter to with the subject: “Climate and Energy Program Attorney,” and make sure to address any pertinent experience, including professional and personal experience, that is relevant to this position. Deadline for applications is September 4, 2020.






2020-08-24 00:00