Southwest Conservation Advocate @ WildEarth Guardians

Southwest Conservation Advocate


WildEarth Guardians is seeking a full-time advocate in our Wild Places Program to advance a new paradigm of forest management and protection based on the growing body of science that demonstrates trees work cooperatively through symbiotic relationships between fungi and plants, which create shared mycorrhizal networks. These networks operate as a single organism connected by infinite biological pathways that allow trees to communicate and interact in intelligent ways, often described as ‘forest wisdom,’ which supports Traditional Ecological Knowledge and beliefs long held by Indigenous Peoples. The science, both new and old, make it clear that forests themselves have the intelligence and capacity for self healing and adaptation to new climate regimes.

In this position, the SW Advocate will be responsible for helping develop and advance new policies and protections for national forests in the southwestern US by promoting the concepts of “forest wisdom” throughout the region and increasing support for our forest protection work among a broad array of communities and interests. In addition, the SW Advocate will help develop and implement a communications plan to engage the general public, target audiences and media to broaden the reach of our forest wisdom message.

Importantly, the SW Advocate will also help integrate forest wisdom concepts into WildEarth Guardian’s ReWilding work, which seeks to improve the ecological integrity of national forest lands by advocating for the protection and restoration of important fish & wildlife habitat, connectivity, and climate change refugia. Specifically, the SW Advocate will track and engage in priority U.S. Forest Service projects and plans in the region. In addition to meeting with agency officials and crafting technical comments, often in conjunction with partners, the SW Advocate will coordinate with our WildPlaces attorney to help develop litigation when necessary. Ultimately, the SW Advocate will work to ensure forest ecosystems will be respected and managed responsibly and sustainably; that the natural and human environment is restored to the benefit of all people and living things; and that frontline communities do not bear disproportionate risks of environmental harm.

How to Apply

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States




2022-06-24 00:00