Farm Fellow @ Allegheny Mountain Institute

Farm Fellow


Looking to work hard, learn hard, and make a big difference in a rural food desert?

AMI’s tuition-free Farm Fellowship is six-month program designed for individuals interested in rural agriculture and sustainable farming. From May 1-October 27 2023 Farm Fellows will:

  • Live and work on a Certified Naturally Grown farm, study and practice cottage industry skills, and distribute fresh produce to a remote, but lively, Appalachian community.
  • Build a wide variety of practical farming skills through hands-on farm time and experiential learning, complemented by weekly educational and skills development sessions.
  • Learn and participate in food preservation, poultry care and processing, rotational grazing, mushroom cultivation, beekeeping, herbalism, fruit cultivation, and business skills
  • Assist with food distribution and sales via Farmers Market participation, a Community Supported Agriculture program, and food donations

Educational scholarships to all selected Fellows includes a $1,700 monthly stipend, along with housing, farm-fresh vegetables and farm products, a group pantry budget, and 9 days off. Additional need-based scholarships are available for travel and gear expenses.

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How to Apply

Apply online by March 1.


Hightown, Virginia, United States




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