Water Quality Program Manager @ Marin Resource Conservation District

Water Quality Program Manager


Seeking highly motivated and creative Water Quality Program Manager dedicated to water quality and quantity, and to the successful planning, permitting and implementation of conservation projects and programs on private and public lands in Marin County. The Water Quality Program Manager will play a vital role in the achievement of rancher’s efforts to meet water quality targets by accelerating producer adoption and implementation of conservation and carbon farming practices, assisting with climate friendly plan development, and serving as an educational resource. This role will be in charge of the environmental review process for the District’s projects, which includes the development of NEPA/CEQA compliance, permit documentation, applications and adherence to permit conditions.


The following job duties represent primary job expectations with expected time equivalents.


  1. Manage water quality program with budget totaling over $1 million dollars.
  2. Partner with other District Managers and Technical Staff to coordinate, organize, delegate and execute inter-connected project and grant activities.
  3. Coordinate with local, state, federal and tribal agencies and organizations in program development and implementation. Promote contacts, collaborations and positive relationships between agencies and District.
  4. Coordinate with District staff, public and private landowners, partners, consultants and construction contractors in the development of sound environmental stewardship projects.
  5. Adhere to contract funding terms and conditions.
  6. Resolve complex program challenges related to the development of construction planning activities.
  7. Develop, and monitor adherence to program budgets, and partner with the Administrative Staff in grant budget oversight and planning.
  8. Co-facilitate monthly partner agency team meetings to coordinate the implementation of programs.
  9. Capable of planning and executing the delivery of 3-year grants, which includes managing, tracking and communicating the detailed steps required to successfully implement multiple projects at the same time.


  1. Capable of managing multiple projects at a time with a budget totaling over $1 million.
  2. Collaborate with Technical Staff in the development and implementation of planning and construction activities with agricultural producers.
  3. Manage individual implementation projects taken on by the District that are outside of its carbon and water quality programs.
  4. Manage outside contractors and implementation crews for successful completion of projects.
  5. Develop budgets, monitor performance, and ensure the designs meet all project partners’ requirements.
  6. Adhere to District construction policies and procedures and applicable state and federal laws. Follow bidding procedures, arrange bid tours and arrange authorization of construction invoices.
  7. Monitor progress of projects, inspecting for design adherence, directing activities of consultants and contractors and ensuring timelines are followed.
  8. Complete all project related administrative tasks, including creating and signing reports and invoices to funders.
  9. Develop and negotiate Landowner Authorization Agreements.


  1. Lead the District’s environmental review process, which includes the development of NEPA/CEQA compliance, permit documentation, applications and adherence to permit conditions.
  2. Manage the Marin Permit Coordination Program, the District’s programmatic CEQA review process.
  3. Act as the District’s designated point person during environmental review consultation.
  4. Provide environmental review assistance for projects located on Federal and State lands.


  1. Report to Executive Director.
  2. Work as a team with District staff to carry out the mission of the District.
  3. Prepare monthly progress reports on project activity to the Board to ensure the Board is fully informed of project(s) status.
  4. Prepare and present project materials and decision alternatives in preparation for public meetings so that Board may make informed program decisions.
  5. Attend Board meetings regularly to present Action Items.


With support from District Administrative and Technical Staff:

  1. Design landowner assistance programs.
  2. Seek and write grant proposals to fund projects, including overseeing components of grant correspondence and administration.
  3. Develop Grant Agreements for project work with agencies.


  1. Assist Administrative Staff in preparation of long-range plan, annual workplan and annual reports.
  2. Assist Administrative and Technical Staff in new program development.
  3. Provide financial data to assist Administrative Staff in preparation of annual District budget.
  4. Assist Executive Director in strategizing staff workload and budgets each fiscal year.


  1. Track the benefits of the District’s programs in relation to water quality and quantity.
  2. Represent and promote the District within the community at all times.
  3. Participate in watershed and community groups, particularly ones focused on water quality and quantity, as appropriate
  4. Act as the District’s point person for water quality and quantity information (scientific regulatory, etc.), especially tracking the collective impact of the District’s projects on water quality and quantity.
  5. Arrange educational activities (workshops, field tours, etc.).
  6. Prepare and present educational materials (pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations etc.) at Board meetings, conferences and other appropriate forums.
  7. Participate in outreach activities (producing press releases, making other media contacts, attending stakeholder meetings, etc.).
  8. Assist with written and visual content for annual report, publications, website, social media, and presentations.
  9. Contribute to the District’s website.

8) OTHER: 5%

  1. Other duties as may be assigned by the District Executive Director.


Applicants must possess the following skills to apply:

  1. B.S., B.A., M.S. degree in Environmental Planning, Environmental Science and Management, Natural or Applied Sciences (e.g. Watershed Management, Hydrology, etc.) or equivalent education and experience.
  2. 6+ years’ experience working in the natural resources conservation field, in the execution of grants and contracts. Experience in the execution of Landowner Agreements a plus.
  3. Significant experience and comprehensive knowledge with environmental compliance associated with restoration projects including NEPA/CEQA compliance, 1600 Department of Fish and Game, 401 Regional Water Quality Control Board, 404 US Army Corps of Engineers and county permits.
  4. Experience and knowledge in accessing funding sources, detailed grant writing, and contract creation and interpretation. Provide writing sample upon request.
  5. Excellent interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills.
  6. Able to work effectively as part of a team and contribute to the success of the team.
  7. Proactively identifies and resolves potential problems before they become major issue
  8. Must possess demonstrated verbal and written communication skills to communicate with private landowners, private contractors, government agencies, general public, news media, and partner resource professionals. References required.
  9. Valid California driver’s license, clean driving record, automobile insurance.


  • Thorough knowledge of one or more of the following agricultural/natural resource topics: water quality, dairy management, range management, conservation planning, restoration ecology, forestry and fire.
  • Advanced experience in the construction of public works projects including adherence to bidding procedures, prevailing wage requirements and budgets. Construction knowledge/skills a plus.
  • Basic understanding of geographic data, including aerial photography, topographic maps, and GIS products.

Salary and Benefits

Salary Range: $87,360 – $101,563 plus benefits.

State of California Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Social Security, 401K Retirement Package with employer match. This position receives all Marin County holidays. The District provides paid vacation, sick leave and medical benefits (health, dental and vision).

How to Apply

Submit a cover letter and resume to Marcus Meggett at [email protected] with “Application: Water Quality Program Manager” in the subject line. This position will remain open until filled. To be considered with the first round of applications, please submit materials no later than 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on October 16, 2023. Qualified applicants may be asked to submit additional information during the interview process.


Point Reyes Station, California, United States




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