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Director of Conservation


It’s an exciting time to join Utah’s Hogle Zoo as the Director of Conservation. Not only is there a brand new strategic plan (April 2023) that outlines bold opportunities to strengthen and expand the conservation program, but both the plan and the actions of the Zoo express the intentional and organization-wide focus on conservation. The Director of Conservation will have the chance to steer the Zoo, with committed internal and external partners, in a manner that will have long-lasting impacts on Utah’s wildlife and the reputation & brand of the Zoo itself.

The Director of Conservation is part of the leadership team and will lead the development and launch the wildlife champions program, grow conservation efforts in alignment with the master plan, and be an influential leader for wildlife conservation in Utah.

The Director will lead efforts to support local efforts to improve air quality and watershed supply through sustainable business practices. The Director is responsible for envisioning, creation, and administration of conservation and sustainability programs for the Zoo both internally and externally with the community.

► Out of seven identified Values & Guiding Principles, FIVE are related to conservation and conservation engagement.
► Out of 11 measurable objectives (over the next five years), FIVE are specifically related to conservation, but nearly ALL would have input from the conservation team. The five goals are:

  • Create 10,000 wildlife champions
  • Improve the environmental literacy of 300,000 students
  • Increase annual wildlife conservation funding by 50%
  • Breed and release 5,000 Boreal toads on the Utah landscape
  • Ensure every anchor attraction within the zoo has a signature conservation program

► One of the new strategic priorities is to be the wildlife conservation leader in Utah. The three goals within this priority are:

  • GOAL 1: Make Utah’s Hogle Zoo synonymous with wildlife conservation.
  • GOAL 2: Increase environmental awareness and action through conservation education statewide.
  • GOAL 3: Make a meaningful impact on the conservation of Utah wildlife and the environment.

► The Zoo’s “Big 6” program highlights their top 6 conservation focus projects. These include:

  • Jordan River ecosystem
  • Boreal toad
  • African lion
  • Polar bear
  • Bornean orangutan
  • African elephant

► A truly collaborative leader who partners and forges new relationships with peers and external stakeholders to achieve conservation goals
► A strategic thinker and bold executor who wants to make a lasting impact on the Utah conservation landscape
► A conservationist as comfortable engaging members of the public in community projects as you are conducting and presenting science-based work to professionals and policy-makers
► Dynamic and strategic leaders who excel in building relationships and bringing teams together.

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How to Apply

The Zoo has partnered with Canopy to lead the search for this role. To apply or learn more, contact David Walsh ([email protected]), Lauren David ([email protected]), or Misha Body ([email protected]).


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