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Marine Science Instructor


CIMI instructors are responsible for providing quality instruction and leadership in the educational outdoor science programs at CIMI. This entails providing the proper curriculum, ensuring all programs are conducted in accordance with set policies, and developing educational and instructional programs to ensure the high standards of the program. Marine Science Instructors lead groups of up to 16 students through 3- or 5-day overnight field trips. These trips involve teaching students about marine science and island ecology in experiential science labs, as well as taking students snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking. Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) operates a fall and a spring season serving students in grades 4-12, with opportunities for instructors to stay on and work for the summer camp programs as well. CIMI operates two facilities (Fox Landing and Toyon Bay) on the leeward side of Catalina Island in Southern California, with ideal conditions for ocean recreation and island adventure. Website:

Guided Discoveries, Inc. will offer a Travel Allowance and a Moving Stipend (you must qualify for the travel stipend depending on location). We offer one or both once the HIRED Guided Discoveries, Inc. Employee “Starts Working”.* This will be paid on the first paycheck. There are terms and conditions regarding the Travel Allowance and Moving Stipend. The hiring director will review this in the interview stage.

Primary Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  1. Must be able to communicate and work with the student groups by teaching all aspects of the program including labs, hikes, and water activities
  2. Implement the CIMI curriculum and related programs, as outlined by the Program Director
  3. Effectively teach student groups about marine science and island ecology
  4. Lead students safely on 3- hour snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking adventures
  5. Be able to respond to emergency situations by providing the leadership necessary to enact the Emergency Action Plan
  6. Abilities to observe student and staff behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures and apply appropriate behavior
  7. Ability to drive the boat in order to support kayaking programs
  8. Lift, carry and move heavy objects when necessary
  9. Ability to drive vehicles

How to Apply

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