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Resource Management Service, LLC (RMS) is a global forestry-centered investment manager with expertise in all phases of institutional timberland investing. Founded in 1950 as a consulting forestry firm, RMS now manages USD ~4.8 billion in client timberland assets as a registered investment advisor with active, vertically integrated forestry operations. Our investors are our partners, and we strive to align our business and financial interests with theirs. RMS is employee-owned, with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, and offices across the U.S. South and Brazil.

RMS is committed to the implementation of long-term forest management strategies that protect and improve the health of forest ecosystems while contributing to the economic and social well-being of the communities surrounding those forests. Sustainable forest management practices, attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics, and responsible investment principles are fundamental to maximizing value and minimizing risks for clients. RMS develops and implements investment offerings that are inherently well-suited to align investor financial outcomes with impactful ESG activities, including the first-of-its-kind open-ended fund for forest investments in the United States.

RMS Forest Sustainability activities address a wide variety of environmental and social aspects of forest investments, including natural climate solutions, species of conservation concern and habitat conservation, supporting basic and applied forestry research, meaningful public policy engagement, worker health and safety, and other topics. We create positive outcomes for our clients and the forest ecosystems under our management by;

– Implementing rigorous third-party certification practices (SFI and FSC)

– Creating informative reporting deliverables for investors and other stakeholders

– Engaging externally to affect change with conservation groups, regulators, advocacy organizations, and other forest sector organizations

– Providing comprehensive ESG analysis and reporting to investors and other stakeholders

These efforts are described in greater detail in RMS’ Annual Global Sustainability Report, available at

RMS maintains a robust forest sustainability program with a growing focus on how working forests can contribute to nature-based solutions. RMS is acknowledged as a leader in biodiversity and wildlife conservation, and the increasing focus on biodiversity in the financial community and broader society is an opportunity to meaningfully transform how conservation is practiced to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The RMS Forest Sustainability team seeks to engage an intern to improve our knowledge and documentation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the forests we manage along, with other key nature-related business efforts.

The ideal candidate will bring to the team an interest in private lands’ contribution to environmental and social sustainability challenges and experience with field ecology and conservation. Successful completion of this internship will result in furthering the depth of RMS’s biodiversity inventory, supporting alignment with the Taskforce for Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) recommendations, and supporting the creation and implementation of biodiversity targets.

RMS is committed to helping employees learn and grow, and this position will provide ample opportunities to expand analytical, writing, and presentation skills. The intern will benefit from a high level of in-house expertise, a large network of research partners, and opportunities to present their work at the conclusion of their internship to senior staff leadership. Applicants must be willing and able to travel in the southeastern U.S. from east Texas to the Carolinas in April/May – August/September for field work. The preferred office location is Birmingham, AL; however, flexibility may be possible depending on fieldwork.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

– Based on the level of experience and professional interest, this position is envisioned as a hybrid field survey work and office work, including research and synthesis of data into meaningful written and spatial analysis of biodiversity in RMS-managed forests.

– In the summer, the intern will primarily be involved in inventorying and monitoring various plant, avian, herpetofauna, small mammal, and other species in RMS-managed forests. Species and field time will depend on the successful applicant’s expertise.

– Environmental DNA (eDNA) samples will be taken according to accepted protocols in coordination with another conservation organization for sample processing.

– The intern will take existing and new data sets and distill concise reports documenting biodiversity for avian, aquatic, and herpetofauna species. These reports may include the creation of PowerPoints, web maps, or other forms depending on the business needs.

– In addition, the intern will research and integrate climate adaptation strategies for known populations of species of conservation concern into habitat management plans.

– The intern will also support the alignment of RMS’s ESG disclosures with the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) framework, support the creation and implementation of biodiversity targets, and assist with science communication projects.

– The intern will gain experience in data collection, research, analysis, and interaction with various RMS Teams and senior leadership.

– Completed or currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate-level degree in ecology, wildlife, forestry, environmental studies, conservation, or related field

– Strong commitment to stewardship and ESG principles

– Applicants must be attentive to details and can accurately collect field data in challenging outdoor conditions including exposure to sun, high heat and humidity, biting insects, and poisonous plants

– Experience with Microsoft office and ESRI products are required

– Applicants must have strong verbal and written communication skills

– Ability to work independently and collaboratively with team members in various locations

– Awareness of regulatory and voluntary ESG reporting trends regarding biodiversity and nature are preferred

How to Apply

Send resumes to [email protected] for consideration.


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