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Research and Intern Supervisor


Research and Intern Supervisor wanted for a diverse and challenging role with Paraguayan conservation NGO based in the Wetlands of Ñeembucú. Based at Centro IDEAL in the city of Pilar, you’ll conduct and teach field science at a fully equipped ecological research station, contributing to our understanding of this unique ecosystem.

Role summary
You will manage data collection, collation and publication of PLT’s Wetland Conservation Priorities (based on the RAMSAR Convention Criteria). You'll follow the methodologies set by the PLT Scientific Council and have access to expert scientific guidance, as well as a strong team to work alongside you.
You will be in charge of developing and supervising intern projects from the moment an intern books through until the publication of their study where applicable.

The Research and Intern Supervisor offers both intellectual and logistical support for interns carrying out projects at PLT, including assistance with project design, coordination of fieldwork, carrying out of analyses and publication in a peer-reviewed journal. They are responsible for ensuring that internships are carried out to a high standard, are suited to the intern as well as beneficial to PLT (i.e. publishable), and result in interns leaving happy with what they have learned and achieved. They are also responsible for the physical organisation of papers, literature reviews, project proposals, results, raw data and everything else related to each intern, in the intern hard drive. They are expected to take responsibility for organising and running academic activities, including but not limited to, journal club, debates, and field courses.

Role competencies


  • Basic computer skills excel (or other museum databasing software), word, lightroom/photoshop.
  • Extensive experience in carrying out field research.
  • Experience in supervising projects and people.
  • Good understanding of statistics (preferably with experience in R, SPSS, Python etc.)
  • Familiarity with GIS (especially QuantumGIS)
  • Good record of scientific writing with peer-reviewed publications
  • Experience in biodiversity survey techniques (transects/point counts, listing methods, vegetation quadrats etc.)
  • Extensive experience in other specific fieldwork techniques e.g. bird banding, camera trapping, radio tracking, mark-recapture etc.
  • Educated to post-graduate degree level (Minimum MSc or MRes).
  • Driving license with 4x4/off-road experience.
  • Fluency in English is required, proficiency in Spanish is required or willingness to learn, with proven development within the first six months.


  • Experience identifying neotropical birds, butterflies, frogs, fish, snakes, lizards and mammals.
  • Photography skills.
  • Specimen collection experience.
  • Proposal preparation experience and track record of managing funded projects.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Conduct data collection for the Wetland Conservation Project to a high standard, applying for funding and institutional support where necessary.
  • Correspond by email (copying the Executive Director into the conversation) with interns before they arrive at the site, ensuring they meet all pre-arrival deadlines, and assisting in the production of a quality research proposal.
  • Meet with each intern once or twice each week, depending on necessity, in a formal setting to discuss any aspect of their project, especially assisting with troubleshooting and data analysis.
  • Be available at other times to answer their questions.
  • Coordinate and contribute to the initial setup of intern project methodologies both on paper and in the field, motivating them and ensuring a strong start to their fieldwork stage.
  • Following initial set-up, visit each internship project at least twice per month, enforcing deadlines for written and presentation aspects of project development and providing feedback and support in these assignments.
  • Collect and collate all digital materials related to each intern in the “intern database”, including, but not limited to, literature reviews, project proposals, raw data, photographs, statistical analyses, papers consulted, presentations and outcomes.
  • Organise and facilitate (at least fortnightly) intern/staff/expert presentations, communicating the details of presentations to all staff in advance via the shared calendar.
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure interns have volunteer support when necessary.
  • Host “Journal Club” once a week and encourage all PLT visitors to engage actively in the discussion.
  • Submit project updates and publication progress to the Executive Director.
  • Contribute to furthering PLTs mission wherever possible, including using non-science skills to assist in project development.
  • When necessary fulfil domestic responsibilities including but not limited to cooking meals, cleaning dishes, doing shopping, coordinating recreational activities, and managing PLT home projects.

With this position, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a young and ambitious team of conservationists within a fast-growing and unique organisation in the neotropics.

The post includes full bed and board, as well as monthly pay of US$400 for the first 6 months, rising to $450 for the following 18 months. Six weeks holiday per year. With almost no living costs, our staff are able to save much of what they earn.
You must apply for Paraguayan residency, the in-country costs of which will be reimbursed upon completion of your contract where legal receipts are provided.

You’ll be contributing to ground-breaking research in Paraguay. To apply, please send your CV, a cover letter, two professional or academic references and one character reference to The recruitment process will also include a zoom interview.
No closing date - rolling applications until the right candidate is found.

Entry-level, Mid-level

Nonprofit- NGO

The post includes full bed and board, as well as monthly pay of US$400 for the first 6 months, rising to $450 for the following 18 months. Six weeks holiday per year. With almost no living costs, our staff are able to save much of what they earn.


Pilar, Paraguay




2023-11-11 00:00